How I started making money by selling websites in 2024

How I started making money by selling websites

In this vast digital landscape of 2021, I ventured into the world of blogging. It was like entering a busy market where every person had a story to tell and a unique point of view. Initially, I was one among many other bloggers who were just expressing my mind through writing. However, little did I know that a humble beginning was opening a way for me toward financial independence!

Seated in front of my laptop, I put all my soul into carefully crafting blog posts about subjects that held meaning for me. Whether it involved sharing experiences while traveling exploring the latest trends in technology or even diving deep into online marketing peculiarities; I felt solace whenever I wrote something down.

Each keypress became an expressive stroke, a portrayal of my thoughts and ideas for the globe to see as a picture is drawn with several brush strokes. As time went by, traction started to notice my blog. While searching for something authentic and valuable on the web readers found their way to this section of mine.

After being encouraged by their feedback and motivated by the possibilities offered by this new platform, I decided to follow through with what had begun thus far. For instance, I started learning the strategies for optimizing my site for search engines, I experimented with diverse types of writing, and I also interacted with other fellow bloggers to increase my popularity. Soon after that, opportunities began streaming down.

Companies reached out for sponsored content and wanted me to use their products or services to promote them through my platform. What was once just a hobby has turned into a business where I cannot draw the line separating the two.

Blogging on it from that time was something quite different from what it is now when l look back at it today; this is a feeling that is unbelievable to me. That initial blog post in 2021 seems like ages ago when I consider how far things have come. This started as an outlet for creativity only, but now it is a thriving online business that provides financial stability alongside the freedom to do whatever fulfills someone’s desire.

Being able to sell websites and make money out of them showed that even if no jobs are waiting in line or luck coming your way you can still become successful by staying true to yourself and not giving up in this digital era of boundless possibilities.

How I started making money by selling websites.
How I started making money by selling websites. (Adsense)

How I Turned Frustration into a Thriving Website Business

When I first ventured into online business, I discovered the money-making idea of Google AdSense. It seems direct – make content, get visitors to it and ad revenues will follow. Thus, filled with enthusiasm for passive income, I quickly started creating websites and generating content left, right, and center. But the reality was not what I had expected despite my efforts.

True, some clicks and impressions were being recorded on those ads, but the trickling revenue was not enough to even pay for hosting let alone some profits. Sooner than later, I found myself in an exasperating sequence where making extra content only increased meager ad returns. It was so discouraging. After all my countless hours of building and taking care of my websites, this was nothing close to what I anticipated in terms of financial gains.

This made me begin wondering whether Google AdSense was the best way for me to monetize my website or not. Suddenly something clicked inside me that changed everything! Then it occurred to me that instead of just depending on ad revenue alone from AdSense I could use my skills in web design plus content development to deliver something concrete, tailor-made sites.

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It was at the start of this journey that I proposed to create and sell functional websites to those individuals who want to have an existence on the internet. Immediately everything changed. Consequently, as opposed to just waiting for adverts to pay returns, I then started selling websites myself and it proved rewarding.

The quality of my work impressed customers who were willing to pay a premium for my services. And soon enough, I had a constant flow of income that was much more than anything I ever accomplished with Google AdSense alone. In summary, during my journey from frustration with Google AdSense to successful website sales, I learned a vital lesson that sometimes the best money-making opportunities are your creations. By stepping out of my comfort zone and utilizing my skills in diverse ways, my passion for web development transformed into a profitable business engagement.

How I started making money by selling websites.
How I started making money by selling websites.

A Turning Point in My Online Journey

That was in a year and a half barely after 2022, when my online business idea began to pay off; it was the first time I ever got paid for website sales. This made me happy because the fruits of labor were beginning to be seen by way of digital asset monetization.

But the biggest breakthrough came when Google Adsense approved my site. Google validated me and this felt like an award that marked me as a newcomer in internet advertising. This was not only about money but also about recognition and endorsement for which one would be compensated based on his or her input.

The approval opened possibilities and introduced new revenue streams, which inspired me to create more valuable content and better my web presence. When I see that milestone retrospectively, it stands out as the point at which my activities online changed from hobbies into fully-fledged business. It became a preliminary chapter in an interesting journey filled with challenges, learning experiences, and numerous opportunities for growth imaginable.

How Trial and Error Shaped My Journey as an Online Entrepreneur

I made my first win after a lot of trial and error. When I began building websites, I saw all websites as empty canvases where I could test out my ideas. Some projects thrived, attracted traffic, and made money, yet others failed before they even started.

Nevertheless, I came to learn about what customers like, SEO hacks, and how to do online advertising through all those errors. However, no hindrance on my way would lessen the desire for knowledge in me. Every mistake was another stairway to future success.

Thus, I realized that entrepreneurship is iterative because it rarely succeeds without numerous failures and obstacles along its path. Throughout this journey, I have honed my skills as a web developer and content creator aiming at always improving user experience levels whilst giving value to them.

In developing each new website, I implemented lessons gained from previous endeavors thus narrowing down my approach with time for maximum impact. Looking back now, those failed attempts have been the most important ones on this path of mine. They instilled in me the art of being resilient and resourceful and why persistence is key when confronted with hardships.

Most significantly, they strengthened my confidence in tenaciously doing something without stopping and the immense capabilities of the internet. In other words, those trial-and-error sites were stepping stones, not defeats. They provided a basis for my future work such that I acquired skills and understanding to cope with the ever-changing face of cyberspace.

How I started making money by selling websites.
How I started making money by selling websites. (Adsense)

Overcoming Adversity

My knowledge from previous websites provoked me to give it another shot in 2023. From those memories, I used means that could encourage traffic and involve clients. This was a more secure signal for me that this time around, I made it.

Therefore, I decided to apply for Google AdSense to earn some income from the hard-won traffic. Nonetheless, the approval had not yet been reached. All my efforts were in vain when my application failed to pass through even three times but seven attempts…. It just looked like an unnecessary delay; every other rejection thereby tested my endurance and tolerance.

This left within me a sad feeling of having wasted all that energy already spent. However, I did not lose hope amidst sorrow. Instead of regard each negative response as a defeat, I took them as challenges for improving myself by learning new things.

Aligning my web page context according to those guidelines meticulously; meeting their demands, and following Google’s requirements; they went one by one through them until they made sense again. There are other businessmen whom I had talked with whose ideas assisted me in optimizing processes on the web page optimization front.

For each subsequent submission after getting feedback incorporated into them. I never quit before attaining my goal despite several discouragements. Instead of embracing refusal and giving up, I directed my frustration into motivation.

At last, after many months of persistence and countless adjustments, my hard work paid off. The 8th application was the one that got approved by AdSense and it is a milestone in an entrepreneur’s journey. The path towards Adsense approval was full of tough obstacles but it also demonstrated how much determination and resilience can achieve.

These are moments when one is determined and committed to turning problems into opportunities and emerging even stronger than before. Reviewing this difficult track, I know that success does not always mean the number of times you fell but rather the number of times you rose again.

How I started making money by selling websites.
How I started making money by selling websites. (Ezoic)

Exploring New Avenues

Considering the tough experience with Google AdSense, I opted to look at other ways of monetizing my site for better results. That is when I came across Ezoic, a well-known platform for its user-friendliness and integration into different websites.

Because of the positive feedback that I read, I was motivated to venture into other sources of revenue so that my money comes from various places and does not entirely rely on one source. This time around, however, things turned out differently as my application went through without any hindrances.

After dealing with AdSense’s hardships, i wanted to breathe fresh air again. With Ezoic in place though, an increase in revenue was noticed but it was not something that could suffice for the ambitious plans we had set up for ourselves.

However, there were some untapped possibilities still waiting to be taken advantage of by me. Even with these little improvements in earnings, there was an insatiable hunger for more than what my website could provide now to grow beyond its current level of development.

All this led me to a decision to finally sell off the website after taking some time and thinking about it properly by weighing its pros and cons was not easy for me to part ways with a project that I had given my all, although it was the right move for my entrepreneurial journey. However, selling the website opened doors to new opportunities and allowed me to re-channel my time and resources into other ventures with better chances of success.

Thinking back, Ezoic taught me how important it is to be flexible and open to thinking about diverse ways of achieving one’s goals. No matter how unexpected it turned out, this journey was toughening it up in the face of obstacles as well as endurance testing. And while I close one chapter behind, I am looking forward to new adventures on the way to being an entrepreneur who has succeeded.

How I started making money by selling websites
How I started making money by selling websites.

Lessons Learned in Website Trading

Encountering the world of website trading as a stranger, I had an opportunity to learn so much. Each transaction is a lesson in itself, whether buying or selling; it develops new knowledge about market trends, website valuation, and negotiation skills.

Every deal sharpened my knowledge of how to evaluate websites that could present both opportunities and risks. Thus, studying various web statistics including traffic metrics, and revenue stream analysis among others helped me in developing analytical abilities thus enabling me to make more informed decisions.

Also selling websites gave you some clues on effective marketing techniques and how to present a digital asset in its best light. So I experimented with different listing platforms; wrote compelling descriptions; and used my network to attract potential buyers.

Yet, apart from the technicalities associated with purchasing and selling websites; these activities also taught me important lessons regarding tenacity as well as perseverance during such operations.

However, not all transactions went smoothly; we had some setbacks along the way. At each peculiar disappointment though I became stronger than before with a better grasp of what just happened and what will happen again later on in life to me concerning them as well. In this regard, those buyer-seller interactions represented an interesting glimpse into diverse forms of online entrepreneurship.

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My Journey on How I started making money by selling websites

I was given a chance to acquire skills in buying and selling websites. This included an exhilarating process of building up websites from scratch until they were able to generate profits then later sold off at higher prices as well.

My ingenuity and proficiency guided every flip which resulted in sites that could attract traffic but were also understandable to potential buyers who would eventually buy them from me. Thus, each project was a labor of love driven by a deep passion for change and the triumphs of innovation, ranging from microblogs to ecommerce sites.

At this point it is my way of expression as an entrepreneur. That is why I could demonstrate my abilities, and creativity and even make something valuable in the virtual space. As I look back on this journey so far, I realize that it has had its ups and downs but I am thankful for them all because they have shaped me into the person that I am today.

From the time we started with nothing until now when opportunities are knocking on our doors; each of these steps demonstrates how stubbornness can pay off if you use the internet effectively.


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