A Space

My eye’s wandering outside as i take a bite of my apple, thinking “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

As my eyes wander, there, here,

A thought popped and the urge to express encompasses my duty of eating up all the words in my biology book,

Partially my mind occupied by the annoyance of the drilling machine that continues to drill my mind too,

Reverberating to the cause of me jotting my thoughts, 

As i peek beneath the gas stove in my kitchen, the only place where my plants can bathe in sunlight, and myself too.

I see beyond, the spaces that I would prefer going through and through my books, 

That would give me the ample satisfaction of studying with no issues, it’s the wants and not the needs,

If it was a need, then I wouldn’t be here wanting to be in that space, for even if it’s the space I’m in, cramped with all the kitchen necessities and some sunshine dawning on me, I’m able to finish the required tasks. 

It is just the thought that “if i was in that space, would i be more comfortable and would want to study more?” well who knows the answer to this right? No matter the space, I’m the one learning, be it comfortable or not.

And I think I prefer this, the roughness of situation makes it all more interesting and worth it, also keeping me awake by those drills.

P.s. my rooms beyond this kitchen are nice and dark where it lets me get nice and sound sleep. Preferably good for sleepy head like me:).

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